UV Disinfection Keeps Your Home Germ-free

What are the benefits of a Disinfection Lamp?

UV-C light has been shown to inactivate viruses and can kill bacteria and germs in ~10 seconds at 6 inches away. [1]

We extend this out 4.5 feet in 360 degrees - across a compact room or small area (Smart UV does work better in compact rooms) over 30 minutes. This yields good results and clean surfaces. Smart UV's effectiveness is lowered after 4.5 feet of coverage.

If your room is very big, you can use multiple lights, or leave Smart UV on for longer or use the lamp in multiple locations. 

Two-In-One Cleaning

UV Disinfection inactivates viruses and oxidizes the air. The oxidation kills odors for a Two-In-One Cleaning effect. Bacteria, germs, and viruses are inactivated because UV light disrupts their DNA. They lose vitality and function.

The result is clean surfaces and fresh air. You'll want to leave the room after you press the 10-second delayed on button and allow for 45 minutes after disinfection for the room to air out.

There are three different types of UV light. UVA (320–400 nm), UVB (280–320 nm), and UVC (200–280 nm). UV-C light is absorbed by the DNA and RNA of bacteria and viruses. UV-A and UV-B are also absorbed, but by far less. UV-B is 20-100 fold less effective. UV-A is the least effective.

High-energy UV light breaks up contaminants by means of photo-decomposition. This is the separation of contaminants and odors in the air. They're broken down into environmentally friendly components that leave rooms smelling new. This oxidation is the result of ozone being released from Smart UV.

Ozone is powerful and it is best to let the room air out for 45 minutes after running a Disinfection run from Smart UV.

We only use UV-C in our Smart UV lamps. It's the superior type for disinfection, cleanliness, and overall safety. You press the 10-second delay on-button and the UV light will go to work. This is the same technology used in academia, industry and healthcare.

Strong Cleaning for Small and Confined Spaces

Smart UV is small and portable (141x62x52mm). Designed for small and confined spaces, such as a bathroom, garage gym, kitchen, home office, or other rooms. Some customers have larger rooms and they use multiple lamps or leave the UV light on for longer exposure times. This works well too.

Our UV light is effective in spaces up to 4.5 feet of coverage in 360 degrees. The disinfection effect will start to degrade around distances further than this.


Portable Size, Flexible Placement

Smart UV has a rechargeable 700mAh battery and works through a MicroUSB port. It's very simple to use and will be perfect for small areas. Disinfection cycles are 30 minutes long. You should not be in the room while the lamp is on, as the UV rays are powerful. It is best to let the room air out for 45 minutes after disinfection as well.

Press the button (activates in 10 seconds), walk away. Then come back and enjoy a crisp and clean room.

Germicidal Disinfection

We think of our home as the safest place there can be. It's where we find solace and relaxation. High-intensity UV light is powerful enough to kill germs and bacteria and inactivate viruses and remove odors. Hospitals, big-pharma, and scientists in academia use this technology and have been doing so for a long time. [3]

The first place UV was incorporated was operation rooms.[4][5] We use this same UV light in Smart UV Lamps. Emitting light at the UV frequency is a great chemical-free way to keep a room clean, disinfected, and germ-free.

More People Are Buying Smart UV Than Any Other UV Lamp

Smart UV is engineered to perfection. We make these Disinfection Lamps to clean rooms in 30 minutes. They're powerful, safe, portable, and effective. They look nice in a home too.



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