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Improve your air quality

SmartAir improves air quality in small to medium areas up to 300ft².

A revolutionary air purifying technology using UV-C light and free radicals to destroy pollutants 300x smaller than HEPA filter can capture.

Targets pollutants, dust, germs, allergens, odors, viruses, and more. Tested in independent labs.



A two-step process uses dual filter layers.

Outer filter: HEPA-type filter traps particulates.

Inner filter: The nano-coated filter reacts with UVC light, releasing free radicals that break down pollutants into harmless byproducts.

Then breathes fresh air into your room for peace of mind in a comfortable, clean air environment.


Key features:

Auto Protect mode
Wifi App enabled
Air quality, temperature, humidity digital display
UVC + free radical purifying
EPA registered, independent lab tested

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Destroy Pollutants
"No Fuss"
30 Day Home Trial
Instant App Connect
Ironclad Protection

Why SmartAir

Proactive air purification with Auto-Mode.

Reads air quality in real time, ranging from excellent, good, average, or bad.

Air quality is measured in Particulate Matter 2.5 (PM2.5). Also called "particle pollution", is a term for a mix of solid particles and liquid droplets found in the air.

Some particles, such as dust, dirt, soot, or smoke, are large or dark enough to be seen. Others are too small and they go unnoticed by the naked eye.

As air is pulled in, pollutants are detected and displayed on screen, then automatically adjusted for.

You know what's in your air, when, and what is being done to bring the quality back to baseline.

It's all optional. The display and auto-mode can each be turned off with the touch of a button, you're in control.

Wifi Enabled.

Full functional control within the iOS and Android App.

On the homepage you'll see your real time temperature, humidity, and air quality displayed - as well as your local outdoor temp.

Setup a routine or schedule SmartAir to turn on and off at sets times. Such as turning SmartAir on only when there's someone in the office, 9-5 Mon-Fri.

App control works for multiple units, you can name them, and even share functionally with others.

The power of air purification right from your fingertips.

Revolutionary Air Purification.

Our outer layer filter slows down the airflow, creating an ultra-high processing filtration chamber.

Showing over a 98% MS2-Phage viral reduction in 30 minutes and over 99.8% reduction in particulates in a single pass.

Satisfaction in your air quality is important, something we take at a baseline. With SmartAir it's more than just baseline. Its a smooth air purifying experience that doesn't just capture, but destroys. No recycled germs, no ozone, no stale air.

Break down germs 300x smaller than a HEPA filter can capture, and ensure you get air that's clean.

SmartAir is easy to use, here's how:

It's compact, sitting under 2 feet tall and made for small to medium sized rooms.

Plug SmartAir into your wall, and allow 30 seconds for air measurement calibration.

After, SmartAir will read your air quality, temperature, and humidity on the front display or App.

You'll then see SmartAir "auto-adjusting" to your room.

Choose from auto-mode, four manual fan speeds, the optional UV function, turn the display off, setup a timed air purification setting, or turn on silent mode.

Or just, let SmartAir run on its own. Easy mode.

Helping bring clean air for you, and those around you.

Lab Tested, Air Purifying Success.

We're scientists, we share the results; USA tested and documented for your review

SmartAir Features

Wifi App Connect

Set up SmartAir to run on scheduled times, monitor air quality, and have full control from the App.

Sized Just Right

SmartAir is designed for coverage in small in rooms, up to 300ft²

View Your Air Quality

SmartAir has a digital display that indicates your air quality in real time, ranging from excellent, good, average, or bad.

Protect, purify, and provide clean air.

A quick video introducing SmartAir and some features.

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