Cleans 925 sq ft (per hour)

Unlock Your Fresh Air With High Powered Air Purification

SmartAir uses UCCO™ Air Purification to revitalize the air in your environment. Covering up to 925ft² to remove unwanted pollutants throughout your space.

UCCO™ Air Purification  is a superior type air purification. Designed to target the root causes of bad air, destroying unwanted pollutants at their source without "filter buildup" of germs.

Effective agaisnt:

  • Germs: Helps reduce spread of germs with clinically tested killing 99.99% in 60 minutes
  • Viruses: Helps remove airborne viruses from the air with clinically tested 98% reduction in ciruclation rates in less than 30 minutes.
  • Odors: UCCO purification helps breaks down odors helping you enjoy a pristine environment - tested on smoke-type particulates for by 99.99% reductions in 60 minutes
  • Allergens: Help reduce allergies and sniffiles by removing the ciruclation of allergens such as pollen-type particulates; with a 99.99% in 60 minutes
  • Dust: Large and small dust particlates removed from the air at a 99.99% reduction rate of airborne dust-type particulates in 60 minutes.


Once placed within in your space, and plugged in and turned on the auto-adjust process starts.

Auto-mode is an optional mode that checks your air quality chooses the best purification setting to cycling out stale air and bring in fresh clean air.

The internal UV-C purification is optional. To turn on the UV-C cleaning, pressed the "UV" button.

As Air is pulled into SmartAir, high-powered UV-C internally breaks down unwanted germs.

Advanced filtration removed unwanted pollutants from the air and the UCCO™ purification breaks them down.

Breathe easy as SmartAir quickly transforms your entire space back to a natural state.

Key features:

App compatibility
Auto mode
Air quality, temp, humidity display
Silent mode

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HEPA Filtration
App Control
UV Sanitizing
Air Quality Sensor

Don't filter, eliminate.

There's nothing better walking into a room with crisp air. With SmartAir, you've got it covered.


Reduce common strains of airborne bacteria up to 99.99% in 60 minutes


Reduce common strains of viruses up to 98% in 30 minutes


Reduce common strains of mold up to 99.99% in 60 minutes


Reduce airborne pollen-type particulates by 99.99% in 60 minutes


Reduce airborne dust-type particulates by 99.99% in 60 minutes


Reduce smoke-type particulates by 99.99% in 60 minutes

SmartAir UV Room Air Purification

Fresh air in minutes

SmartAir releases fresh air back into the room with quiet purification at powerful speeds. Capable of three air exchanges per hour, pollutants rapidly decrease once SmartAir is turned on.

SmartAir Air Purifier Auto Protect Auto Sense Air Quality

Air quality display

Quality of air is detected by sensors and displayed at the front. Ranging from “Excellent” to “Bad", it offering you a glance into your air quality.

SmartAir UV Destroying & Purifying Germ Pollen Virus Odor
UCCO™ Air Purification

SmartAir's UV-C sanitizing light reacts with a nanocatalyst-coated filter, destroying VOCs, odors, allergens, and germs.

SmartAir HEPA Filter

HEPA filtration

SmartAir has the same air filtration systems used in hospitals and clean rooms - HEPA filtration. Capable of cycling a room's air from pollen, bacteria, and pollution.

Welcome to Superior Air Purification.

Your path to fresh air.
SmartAir HEPA UV Air Purifier MS2 RNA Viral Removal Graph
SmartAir HEPA UV Air Purifier HEPA Test Graph
SmartAir HEPA UV Air Purifier HEPA Test Graph
SmartAir HEPA UV Air Purifier HEPA Test Graph
SmartAir HEPA UV Air Purifier HEPA Test Graph
SmartAir HEPA UV Air Purifier HEPA Test Graph
SmartAir HEPA UV Air Purifier HEPA Test Graph
SmartAir HEPA UV Air Purifier HEPA Test Graph

We're not just confident, we're "backed by the numbers"

Your room's covered in minutes

Capable of three air exchanges per hour, pollutants rapidly decrease once SmartAir is turned on. From 99.99% of germs to 99.99% of odors to 99.99% of allergens.

Target the root cause of bad air

With double purification; UV-C sanitizing light and HEPA filtration. Destroying pollutants and capturing lingering dust or debris is a breeze.

App compatability

Real time temperature, humidity, and air quality displayed. With optional scheduled automatic startup and shutoff.

Touchpad control

Fresh air, at your fingertips.

Silent mode

Turn off the display and run SmartAir soundlessly throughout the night.

Auto mode

SmartAir has built in sensors to auto-adjusts the fan speed depending on your air quality.

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