SmartAir Sanitize & Purify Technology

SmartAir uses UCCO™ purification & HEPA filtration. UCCO™ is Ultraviolet-C Catalyzed Oxidation. UVC light is a disinfecting light. It passes through germ cell walls, breaking them down from the inside out. When UVC shines on the nano-catalyst coated filter, hydroxyl radicals are formed on its surface. These free radicals are unstable. Attaching and breaking down pollutants as they pass by. Combined with UV-C, SmartAir destroys pollutants so you can breathe easy.

HEPA Filter

Capture particulates down to the size of 0.3 microns

Activated Carbon Filter

Designed to adsorb odors, VOCs, gases

UCCO™ Purification

Breaks down pollutants into harmless by-products

UV-C Light

Break down germ DNA & RNA from the inside out

SmartAir HEPA UV Air Purifier

SmartAir Technology

What is SmartAir

SmartAir is a two-in-one air purifier and sanitizer. With UCCO™ purification SmartAir sanitizes, destroys pollutants, and ensures high quality air - effectively and continuously cleansed.

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HEPA Filtration
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HEPA and Activated Carbon Air Purifier Filters

HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) Filter

The HEPA filter removes up to 99.996% of dust, pollen, germs, mold, down to particles the size of 0.3 microns.

For reference, the human hair is about 70 microns. Filters are sold in sets with the activated carbon filter and recommended to be replaced every 6 months for optimal use.

SmartAir HEPA UV Air Purifier MS2 RNA Viral Removal Graph
SmartAir HEPA UV Air Purifier HEPA Test Graph

Proven science backed by independent labs

Activated Carbon Filter & UCCO™

SmartUV's Activated Carbon and HEPA Filters For Air Purifiers

Activated Carbon Filter

Activated carbon technology functions by the chemical phenomenon of adsorption.

Activated carbon filters work through a process called "absorption" - where pollutants and toxic gases are trapped inside.

This filter removes odors (pet odor, bad smells), smoke, and air pollutants (VOC).

UCCO™ Purification

Our activated carbon filter is nano-coated in a photocatalyst that reacts with UVC light.

This generates highly reactive free radicals along the surface of the inner carbon filter.

The self contained free radicals "attack" pollutants that pass by, breaking them down into harmless byproducts.

Smart UV's Activated Carbon being UVC Charged and Killing Germs
Smart UV's SmartAir UVC Final Air Purification Stage

UVC Light

UVC light is a disinfecting light. It passes through germ cell walls, breaking them down from the inside out.

This destroys and inactivates pathogens at the molecular level by breaking & rearranging molecular bonds within their DNA & RNA.

UVC light also activates the UVC charged filter and helps prevent any spore buildup.

The Benefits of UV-C

Chemical Free

UV-C is a chemical-free sanitizing method. It works through the disruption...

No Lingering Effects

Chemical cleaners can linger in the air...

Destroys Germs

UV-C breaks down germs on a molecular level...

Laborless Sanitizing

To cover every inch of a room with manual cleaning takes hours...

No Immunity Buildup

Pathogens can’t build up an immunity to UV-C light...

Hyper Effective

Germicidal UV-C is hyper effective for killing germs, viruses, and mold...

SmartAir HEPA UV Air Purifier



Air Purifier & sanitizer. Destroys pollutants in small to medium sized rooms.

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SmartAir Pro HEPA UV Air Purifier

SmartAir Pro


Professional air purifier, and sanitizer. Destroys pollutants in large rooms and areas.

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