The Science of UV-C

Smart UV uses photon-based air and surface purification from electromagnetic photolysis technology to inactivate pathogens at the molecular level by breaking & rearranging molecular bonds within their DNA & RNA. The molecular bond-breaking completely inactivates these pathogens and effectively eliminates them. This process is done through UV-C technology.

What is UV-C light?

Light is electromagnetic radiation. UV light is a classification of this light. Our sun emits all types of light, many of which we are familiar with today. A few of these types of light include, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet, and gamma rays.

UVC reaction breakdown from a scientific perspective

Chemical Free Cleaning

How Does It Work?

Our UV-C lamps are a photon based purification system that produce photolysis. Photolysis is the use to break down chemical compounds. Photolysis kills and inactivates allergens, viruses, bacteria, and mold.

Electromagnetic Photolysis

We call this process Electromagnetic Photolysis. This purification system is the most effective disinfection method, the best sanitation method. Purifying the air and all surfaces within the effective range.

Chemical Free Cleaning

The Benefits of UV-C

Chemical Free

UV-C is a chemical-free sanitizing method. It works through the disruption...

No Lingering Effects

Chemical cleaners can linger in the air...

Destroys Germs

UV-C breaks down germs on a molecular level...

Laborless Sanitizing

To cover every inch of a room with manual cleaning takes hours...

No Immunity Buildup

Pathogens can’t build up an immunity to UV-C light...

Hyper Effective

Germicidal UV-C is hyper effective for killing germs, viruses, and mold...

SmartAir HEPA UV Air Purifier



Destroys pollutants in small to medium sized rooms, with UVC Charged Filter Technology.

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Apollo UVC Lamp for Sanitizing and Disinfecting

The Apollo


Shine powerful UVC light to sanitize your entire room.

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SmartAir Pro HEPA UV Air Purifier

SmartAir Pro


Professional air purifier, destroys pollutants in large rooms, with UVC Charged Filter Technology.

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