About Us

We're an American based UV-C Sanitation company with a utilitarian approach for businesses and homes.

Through our biologics and engineering backgrounds we are able to design, test, manufacture and create sanitation products that make life easier, safer, and better.

Smart UV was formed with the ideals and rhetoric of peace of mind. To have chemical free sanitation products with an effectiveness that can only be achieved through innovation. Then, we make these products simple and easy to use. All our products are created with this effectiveness, safety, and functionality as the most important requirements. Our UV-C collections are defined our attention to detail. With an emphasis on durability, portability, and a seamless match into every home. The Smart UV collections cover homes and businesses for large and small spaces of every kind.  Smart UV is based within a studio building in Dover, Delaware. Our warehouse is in San Bernardino, California. Along this journey it has often been necessary to look forward in order to continue creating useful and long lasting products. That means, we're always looking to create new products, and improve our current products. This is our process. We plan to stay consistent in our value and growth.

Smart UV: // PROCESS

Electronics and appliance companies we would try to understand the process of the creation of the products. Checking for lifelong durability and use. Smart UV is no different, in that our products are being designed and created for a long life in the hands of those who use them. Every germicidal lamp is already long lasting as they are UV-C bulbs lasting 9,000 hours and rarely break. We take our time to quality checked and tested before being sent out. Smart UV uses the high grade quartz to make doped and clear fused bulbs. The bodies of our products is ABS plastic, created from our molds. Once assembled, we test our products through scientific methods and ensure that their effectiveness is up to the standards that we would all expect of them. This combination of material and process ensures durability, ease of use, and effectiveness.