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Q: Aren’t UV-C products dangerous? How do you recommend using your products safely?

A: Using our products is quite simple. Here are our best practices and safety protocols.

  1. During use, do not touch the body of the lamp or have direct contact with the UV-C light on skin, animals, or plants. Keep out of reach of children and safely store any precious paintings before use.  
  2. Before turning on the Apollo or Smart UV, close all doors and windows and make sure you leave the room after turning on the unit. Enclosing the room helps the sterilization process. 
  3. After disinfection, we recommend ventilating the room for 45 minutes by opening the doors and windows. If there aren’t any windows in the room, no worries. Just keep the door closed during that time.

If you have any additional questions regarding general use of our products you can download helpful .pdf guides here.

Apollo User Manual

Smart UV User Manual

Q: Will your products damage photographs, paintings, fabrics, wood etc?

A:  UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C are all emitted from the sun but UV-C doesn’t make it through the atmosphere. So the typical UV damage from the sun that you’re familiar with is from either UV-A or UV-B. 

UV-C is typically only found in man-made devices and it's been dubbed the germicidal wavelength because it disrupts the RNA and DNA of bacteria, viruses, germs etc. and this is where it's the most effective. 

Things like wood etc. would take a very long time to affect. Over a long period of time, you might see some effects, but it's not something you should worry about.

UV-C light does fade certain color fabrics over a long period of time. We recommend that they are removed from the room.

Q: Can I use these products in a dental office, showroom, hotel, etc.

A: Yes, our products have a wide range of commercial applications.

For large rooms we recommend the Apollo UV-C unit. You can use multiple Apollo units at once to cover a larger space (any space larger than 645sq ft). For more information on our commercial applications, reach out to our support team. 

Where do you ship from?

We ship our products directly from our warehouse in California.

When Does The Apollo Ship?

There is a one week backorder for The Apollo due to high demand.

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