The Apollo, covering up to 645 Sq. Ft.

Apollo: Entire Room Disinfection.

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Run 30-minute sanitation cycles to disinfect up to 20 square feet

Smart UV: Compact Room Disinfection.

Your New portable Sanitation Lamp

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Apollo UVC lamps work together to increase coverage and improve a rooms disinfection.

Apollo Four Packs: Professional Disinfection.

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Take our word for it, we're scientists.

Or if you don't know us, take theirs.

"The sanitizing effects of UV lights have been seen with other coronaviruses, including the one that causes severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). Studies have shown that it can be used against other coronaviruses."

by WebMD

"With a good UV light sanitizing device, you can clean surfaces like desktops and door handles, sinks and toilets, or those items that are always with you, like your phone."

by Forbes

I can't live without this

"This lightweight UV-c tower was critical for me. As a Critical care physician I had moved out of the house to protect my family form a potential exposure. I segregated myself into a separate portion of the house and used the Smart UV tower to sanitize the room when I left each day. I used the Smart UV tower in my bathroom as well.

The button on the top of the tower got stuck after about 10 days, Smart UV sent out a new replacement tower with the remote that works great.

Great Service, Great product.

10/5 stars"

by Daniel Ikeda

Smart UV Really Works

"Smart UV is a must have during this time we're experiencing right now. The small UV lamp is portable and easy to use. I've already cleaned two small bedrooms with it and I could tell the difference in the air quality immediately after the first use. The science and application of this technology is proven. This is a great tool to help eliminate viruses/bacteria in the air - and on surfaces. I think it's worth the investment to add another layer of protection for your family."

by Jack Hall

Easy to use and portable

"Although I can honestly say “how do you know it really works to sanitize the room?” unless we just don’t get sick, it is a great product. I love that I can turn it on, close the door and walk away and feel relatively confident that I have done what I can to kill the germs and allow different people to sleep in my guest room when visiting."

by Caroline Kobleur

Peace of mind

"Face mask, shields and hand washing is helping, but The compact, effective UV-C source offered by Smart UV is a very powerful weapon to help in the fight. I have been aware of the germicidal power of UV-C for many years. I am awear that UV-C lights can help purify water and reduce the needs of chemicals to provide safe drinking water. I have seen application of UV-C in large air conditioning units to reduce bacteria/ mold buildup.

The Smart UV brings germicidal power to anyone in a small well engineered product and at a cost almost anyone can cover.
I look forward to many years use from this product and look forward to more products from this company."

Best regards;
Larry Isaacs, Mechanical Engineer

by Larry Isaacs

The technology and science behind Smart UV's UV-C sanitation.

The Science Behind Smart UV

UV-C is DNA disruption, germ degradation on the cellular level.

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The Smart UV sanitation lines have been delivering value to local jewelry stores to 5-start hotels.

Smart UV Case Studies

We're working with some of the best and brightest, read about our some of our customers.

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