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The Apollo is a remarkable UV-C Sanitizing Lamp, shining powerful UV-C light to sanitize large rooms up to 1000 ft².

Effectively kills up to 99.99% of bacteria, germs, viruses, allergens, and mold.

Place the unit in a room, choose your sanitizing length, and turn the unit on. This queues up the easy run sanitizing cycle, and will only start after you leave the room.

Once you leave, Apollo turns on and the sanitizing cycle begins. The UVC light sanitizes the room for the duration of your chosen cycle.

Then, when finished Apollo turns off and you come back to a clean and germ free room.


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Chemical Free
Easy Run Sanitizing
Destroys Germs
Motion Sensors

Why The Apollo

With the click of a button, your room is sanitized.

UV-C light is a sanitizing method designed to break down germs, viruses, allergens, and mold.

Apollo keeps surfaces cleaner, longer as well as odor-free.

With Apollo, surfaces stay cleaner, longer as well as odor-free.

The sanitizing light can get to areas your naked eye can't see, or where your hand can't reach.

This lessens the need to make repetitive heavy chemical applications, and helps maintain an open sanitary, clean environment.

Provide safer rooms.
Give confidence.

A lamp that emits germicidal UVC Light the most effective disinfection method available.

You can place the lamp in any room, turn it on, leave, and everywhere the light hits will have an active consistent disinfection agent working to sanitize the area.

The Apollo is beautifully designed. Show your customers, clients, and family the level of clean you provide and restore confidence.

You save time cleaning and when The Apollo is finished it's a physical product that can be seen as proof for the sanitizing that has been done.

Apollo is easy to use, here's how:

Place Apollo in a room, choose your sanitizing time, and turn it on with the remote, or manually with the power button at the top of Apollo.

This queues up the sanitizing cycle. Once you've left Apollo starts and shines UV-C light throughout the room.

When your sanitizing cycle is finished (15m-1hr), Apollo turns off and you come back to a clean and safe room.

Safety Notice: UV-C can irritate the skin and eyes, please leave the room before use.

Apollo Product Features

A few key features on Apollo about safety & testing.

Motion Detection

The Apollo has 3-meter motion detection sensors, automatically turning off for unexpected visitors or pets.

Tested in EPA & FDA compliant labs.

The Apollo is tested in USA labs, EPA/FDA compliant, for germs, viruses, and mold.

Chemical Free

The Apollo leaves no residue and is chemical free. It's long lasting clean sanitizing, at your disposal.

The Apollo's lab results are in.

We're scientists, we share the results; USA tested and documented for your review

Sanitize your entire room with UV-C light.

UV-C is designed to destroy germs and viruses, helping surfaces stay cleaner, longer as well as odor-free.

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