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Sanitize Your Entire Room

Apollo shines UV-C light to sanitize large rooms up to 1000 ft² or 36 feet in a circle.

UVC light is a disinfecting light. It passes through germ cell walls, breaking them down from the inside out.

Clinically proven to effectively kill and inactivate up to 99.99% of bacteria, germs, viruses, and mold. Tested in independent labs.


Place the unit in a room, choose your sanitizing length, and turn the unit on. This queues up the sanitizing cycle, and will only start after you leave the room.

Once you leave, Apollo turns on and the sanitizing cycle begins. UVC light shines the room for the duration of your chosen cycle.

Then, when finished Apollo turns off and you come back to a clean and germ free room.

Key features:

Remote control
FDA registered UVC protective glasses included
Four easy run sanitizing cycle options
Powerful 60Watts of UVC
Independent lab tested
Door handle "cleaning in progress" signs

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Chemical Free
Remote Powered
Destroy Germs
Motion Sensors

Powerful, tested, UV-C sanitizing

The Apollo destroys germs and viruses using high-powered dual output 180μW/cm² per second of germicidal UV-C light


Kills common strains of bacteria, such as E. Coli up to 99.9%


Inactivates common strains of viruses, such as Human Coronavirus OC-43 up to 99.997%


Kills common strains of mold, such as black mold up to 99%

Ozone free bulbs

We designed Apollo with everyday use in mind. The glass is doped quartz, blocking lower "ozone" wavelengths. Emitting ozone-free germicidal UV-C for 9,000 hours of use.

Large area coverage

The Apollo emits ultraviolet light at 253.7 nanometers with 60 watts using dual bulbs to cover small or large spaces 36 ft in a circle (1000 ft²). Sanitation cycles range from 15 minutes to 60 minutes.

Destroy germs from the inside out

When germs are hit by UV-C it passes directly to their DNA and RNA, destroying their proteins. This kills germs and inactivates viruses. Used for decades in the hospital industry as an effective sanitation method.

Safety features

The Apollo has three panasonic sensors located at the base of the lamp that automatically shut-off if any unexpected visitors or pets come within five meters. Delayed activation allows for ease of leaving the area, as well as coming with UV-C protective eyewear & remote control capabilities.

It's one-button sanitation

The Apollo, UV-C sanitizing lamp
Apollo UVC Lamp Human Coronavirus OC43 Kill Test Graph
Apollo UVC Lamp E. Coli Kill Test Graph
Apollo UVC Lamp Black Mold Kill Test Graph
Apollo UVC Lamp Staph. Aureus Kill Test Graph
Apollo UVC Lamp M. Godonae Kill Test Graph
Apollo UVC Lamp P. Aeruginosa Kill Test Graph

Backed by independent labs

Disinfect your entire room

Disinfect your entire room from common strains of bacteria by up to 99.9%, common strains of mold by up to 99%, and viruses by up to 99.997%. Reducing manual labor cleaning times and chemical cleaner exposure.

Ease run sanitation cycles

Choose your sanitation cycle duration and start it up in seconds. Operate manually or using the remote. Come back to a sanitized room, free of germs and odors.

Faster, easier cleaning

The Apollo is completely chemical free and eco-friendly. Save time and your hands.

3-Meter Motion Detection

Automatically pauses sanitizing cycle if set off by unexpected visitors or pets.

Germ, Virus, Mold, Bacteria Lab Tested

The Apollo is tested in EPA & FDA compliant labs.

Give Confidence

Show your customers, clients, and family the level of clean you provide and restore confidence.

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