The Apollo

The Apollo

The Apollo

For entire rooms disinfection.

The Apollo lamp shines UVC disinfecting light in a 36 ft. circle to sanitize large rooms (up to 1071 ft²) in 360°

Simply place the unit in a room, choose your disinfection time, and turn the unit on via remote or manual.

UVC light disinfects the room for the duration of your chosen disinfection cycle. Then, when finished Apollo turns off and you come back to a clean and safe room.

For Large Rooms

The Apollo shines 60 Watts of UVC light covering large rooms.

Germs & Viruses

The Apollo kills up to 99% of germs and viruses.

Molds & Fungi

The Apollo has been tested for black mold, killing up to 99%

No Immunity

Germs can't buildup an immunity to UV-C light.

1. Our Bulbs

The Apollo uses elemental-based doped quartz bulbs for the highest quality disinfection. It blocks the lower wavelengths of UV-C light & only emits high-powered germicidal UV-C. With a lifetime of 9,000 hours, even if you use everyday, it will last you for years.

2. Germicidal UV-C

The Apollo emits ultraviolet light at 253.7 nanometers. This is peak germicidal UV-C & it has highest level of inactivation of pathogens. It's able to tackle them on a microscopic level by targeting and scrambling their DNA.

3. Target the DNA

When the electromagnetic radiation hits the DNA strand of the pathogen it causes a photo-reaction. The nucleotide thymine is very vulnerable and it gets distorted, bent, and rearranged from the reaction. This is known as photolysis.

4. Safety Features

The Apollo has three Panasonic photon sensors located at the base of the lamp that automatically shut-off the unit if any unexpected visitors come within five meters. It comes equipped with delayed activation to give you plenty of time to leave the area, as well as a pair of UV-C protective eyewear & remote control capabilities.

The Apollo UV-C Lamp

Safeguard your home and health with ease.

Pick Your Disinfection Cycle.

Custom Disinfection Cycles

Disinfection cycles are customizable to room size, ranging from 15-60 minutes.

Start your disinfection cycle manually, or use the remote.

Automatic Shut off Motion Sensors

With three motion sensors, Apollo only turns on once you leave.

The disinfection cycle will pause if an unexpected visitor or pet wanders into the room unexpectedly. After they leave, you'll hear a click and your disinfection cycle starts up again.

Easy To Follow Best Practices

The Apollo UVC Lamp is designed with safety in mind so that it's easy to follow UVC best practices.

The remote use, included glasses, motion sensors and warning labels allow for this.

VC can't pass through glass either, making it an extremely safe option for offices or homes with a lot of windows.

Let Apollo do the work.

Queues up the disinfection cycle with your remote or the power button.

There's a 10s delay so you can leave the room along with the motion sensors.

Once you leave, Apollo turns on and the disinfection cycle begins.

The UVC light disinfects the room for the duration of your chosen cycle.

Then, when finished Apollo turns off and you come back to a clean and safe room.

"Amazing Product with peace of mind"

"I’m so thankful to have the Apollo room sanitizer in my home. My brother, who is high risk, was recommended the Apollo UV sanitizer specifically by his oncologist to safeguard against the germs he is exposed to every day.

I have such peace of mind knowing that I am able to at least protect him in my home. Thank you SmartUV for this amazing product!!! I have since purchased one for my two children who have little kids who attend in person school. They are going to be so happy about this!" - Sheralyn Brown

Kill up to 99% of Germs, Viruses, Bacteria, & Allergens

No germ immunity buildup.

UVC light is a proven disinfection method designed to kill or inactive allergens, viruses, bacteria, and mold [1][2].

Apollo uses this same light with up to 99.9% effectiveness, tested in USA labs [3].

UVC disinfection is used in a variety of common applications, in hospitals and labs, food, air, and water purification.

Some of the independent laboratory testing includes the HC-OC43 Virus, Escherichia Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, Candida Albicans, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Mycobacterium Gordonae, and Aspergillus Niger.

To read more about testing, click here:

Apollo's Viral Testing

Apollo's Germ Testing

Disinfect Faster & Save Time

Let Apollo do the work.

It's so easy to use the time saved is adds up quick.

We were working and testing times with a customer of ours who has a massage therapy clinic. Every night they clean the rooms, there are 8 rooms - small in size but big enough for the bed and some tables.

Each room took 30 minutes, throughly wiping down every surface with chemical cleaners, every night.

They started using Smart UV's UV-C disinfection lamps, they were able to cut this down to just 4 minutes (on average) per room. That's an 86% time saver. Sometimes this would be a bit longer to wipe down the dust.

Note: UV-C must cover the shadows of a room because it doesn't bounce much, and can't pass through glass.

Give Confidence to Employees, Clients, and Customers

Show off your efforts.

A lamp that emits Germicidal UVC Light the most effective disinfection method available. You can place the lamp in any room, turn it on, leave, and everywhere the light hits will have an active consistent disinfection agent working to sanitize the area.

The Apollo is beautifully designed. Show your customers, clients, and family the level of clean you provide and restore confidence.

You save time cleaning and when The Apollo is finished it's a physical product that can be seen as proof for the disinfection that has been done.

Place the Apollo in your room, turn it on and kick back as your UVC lamp works for you.

Chemical Free & Eco-Friendly

Safe for you and those around you.

The Apollo is completely eco-friendly, there's no harm to the environment when using UV-C light - it's harmless to the the air.

While UV-C light isn't safe for plants, UV-C light is a sustainable sanitation method that can be used for years without hassle or excess waste.

The Apollo's bulbs are good for 9,000 hours making it the longest lasting disinfection method in any toolshed.

The Apollo is ozone free as well, using a doped fused quartz bulb to block out any lower frequency wavelength emission. This stops any ozone from being created.

Eco-Friendly isn't just for the environment, there are no lingering negatives in the room as well: making it safe for workers and users alike.

The Apollo Specifications

60 Watts
Manual & remote
20 x 7 x 7 inches
Plug Type
Two prong outlet
18 feet (1071ft²)
253.7 nanometers
1 Year