COVID19 2020 Updates

As we – along with the rest of the global community at large – continue to navigate the COVID-19 crisis, we wanted to let you know that your experience, and the safety of our employees, is still top of mind for us.

Here are some FAQs regarding our services and operations

What if I can’t return my item within the 15-day window as a result of quarantines?

As of May 25, 2020, we’re extending our Return Policy from 15 to 60 days in order to provide you with some increased flexibility. You can send us an email and we’ll assist you accordingly.

How and when can I access customer service?

Our Customer Service Team Answer Emails Monday-Saturday 7 AM - 11PM EST. You can reach our team via email at or at our Facebook page: to message us directly as well. All found within the footer on our website.

Should I expect a delay with my order?

Please note there is a potential for delays when processing shipments and/or returns as a result of our carrier’s reduced service and time required to ensure warehouse safety for all staff. Additionally, we’ve temporarily stopped offering expedited shipping and hope to resume this offering as soon as we’re able.

Is it safe to order online / open my package or box from Smart UV?

In an effort to limit the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), we would encourage customers to wipe down outer boxes received from online purchases with sanitizing wipes or spray and cloth.

Thank you

Thank you for your patience with us as a company and thank you for supporting us as a team working to provide UV-C technology to everyone who needs them. The demand has been far greater than we imagined and we are working around the clock to match it.