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Get better air quality with SmartAir's entire room air purification.

With SmartAir, clean air is one less thing to worry about. Using dual air purification to target the root cause of bad air. Plug in kick your shoes off as SmartAir rapidly improves the air quality in your room.

SmartAir HEPA UV Air Purifier with Apollo UVC Sanitizing and Disinfecting Lamp With UVC Wand Together

What is "indoor air strain" and why are a majority of people suffering from it?

Indoor air strain is the true silent drain on quality of life.

EPA and others rightfully claim we spend the majority of our time inside - upwards of 90%. [1]

Many of have seen the stat that indoor air can be 2-5 worse than outdoor, but in many cases it can be 100 times worse. [2]

This should be no surprise - everyday use of cleaners (and other synthetic home products), lack of consistent indoor-outdoor airflow, general pollution, allergens, and plain germs & molds. [3]

All are factors in the "100x worse air" though it is rare but the point is the same; pollutants like these put a strain on the body and mind.

Breathe them in and there is no direct issue (most of the time) but the body recognizes intruders and focuses on removing microscopic irritates from the lungs. [4]

This effort is a strain on the body, if consistent these pollutants can effect the immune system, cognitive function, and our heath. Even if by just 10-15% lower, with bad air you'll never be at your optimal state. [5]

This mundane daily struggle of dust bunnies, funky pet odors, and musty smells... can become more than what it seems.

“Why do I always wake up in the morning with a stuffy nose?

“Why can’t I sleep through the night when my head hits the pillow?”

“How come I always catch a cold even though I’m mostly home all the time?

“Why do my allergies seem to be getting worse?"

Standard air purifiers are just capture / release - no real purification.

There are many solutions but the problem can be rooted within the home, making it hard to find the root cause of the issue.

Lots of pollutants and only one result - poor air quality.

Poor Air Quality Leads To...

Pollution & Allergies

Main issue with maintaining constant indoor-outdoor airflow is if outdoor air is "tainted" with high city pollutions or high density of pollen. Most city pollution is defined by how much fine particulate are in the air.

Weakened Immunity

Our bodies have a weak point with bad air. When disrupted the natural immune weakens and response dysregulates; making it easy to catch colds or infections.


Fine particles, allergens, and germs inflame the lungs and body via lung intrusion or high histamine response. This results in allergies and stuffy noses and sneezing and sickness and body /mind strain.

Lowered Cognition

When the body is inflamed, under stress, or sick it limits full cognitive abilities. Lowering our productivity, general mood, and quality of life.

How do we reclaim our indoor air quality?

Perhaps it is as simple as "opening a window" for some. This is the biggest recommendation, if outdoor air quality is very good then ensure to maintain high flow through for constant fresh air. If not possible, then purification from the pollutants that cause bad air quality is next up.

We reclaim our air quality using the same technology hospitals use*

*Our products use UV-C, a disinfecting light with EPA and FDA compliance, backed by independent lab testing to achieve up to 99.99% kill rates for viruses and bacteria.

Breathe easy with SmartAir's wide range pollutant coverage.

The SmartAir purifier is a reliable method to get to clean air, where we can go back to taking fresh air for granted again. Using powerful, but soundless air purification, SmartAir covers a wide range of pollutants in small to medium sized rooms.

Uses Double Purification

SmartAir uses high efficiency particulate filtration (HEPA) with UVC sanitizing light for double purification.

Destroys Pollutants (Not Just Capture)

Double purification doesn't just capture, using the UVC catalyzed purification, SmartAir destroys pollutants; preventing any filter buildup.

Pollen: 99.99% Single-Pass Reduction From Pollen Particulate Types

SmartAir's single pass testing on pollen type particulates show it can help reduce help the pollen in the air, lessening allergies for better air quality.

Black Mold: 99.99% Reduction in 60Min

SmartAir's single pass testing on black mold particulate type & timed reduction tests show it can help reduce the mold in the air, removing spores and preventing spread.

Dust: 99.99% Reduction From Dust Particulate Types

SmartAir can help remove airborne irritants like fine dust from the air, which make up for a large part of indoor air irritants. Helping to reduce particulate matter.

Viruses: 98% Airborne Viral Reduction in 30Min

SmartAir can help remove airborne viruses like MS2 bacteriophage, a proxy virus for SARS-CoV-2, which travel in tiny droplets that can linger for hours before settling on surfaces.

Pathogens: 99.99% Airborne Pathogen Reduction in 60Min

SmartAir can help remove airborne pathogens like Staphylococcus, which travel in tiny droplets that can linger for hours before settling on surfaces.

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SmartAir UV Room Air Purification

Fresh air in minutes

SmartAir releases fresh air back into the room with quiet purification at powerful speeds. Capable of three air exchanges per hour, pollutants rapidly decrease once SmartAir is turned on.

SmartAir Air Purifier Auto Protect Auto Sense Air Quality

Air quality display

Quality of air is detected by sensors and displayed at the front. Ranging from “Excellent” to “Bad", it offering you a glance into your air quality.

SmartAir UV Destroying & Purifying Germ Pollen Virus Odor

UCCO™ Air Purification

SmartAir's UV-C sanitizing light reacts with a nanocatalyst-coated filter, destroying VOCs, odors, allergens, and germs.

SmartAir HEPA Filter

HEPA filtration

SmartAir has the same air filtration systems used in hospitals and clean rooms - HEPA filtration. Capable of cycling a room's air from pollen, bacteria, and pollution.

The Path to Fresh Air

An engineer's quick "open guts" breakdown into SmartAir
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Getting Better Air With SmartAir

A complete overview of the features and benefits of SmartAir

Clean air: one less thing to worry about

Taking a deep breath is a natural form of relaxation. It calms our nerves and helps us enjoy our space. It's vital to our health.

SmartAir doesn't just capture, it destroys pollutants to create the constant fresh air we need.

Attacking the root cause of poor air quality with two-in-one HEPA air purifying and UV-C sanitizing.

Each breathe can fill the body with energy, free of pollutants.

Fresh air anywhere, all the time, in minutes

Capable of three air exchanges per hour, pollutants rapidly decrease once SmartAir is turned on.

Destroying and cycling out pollutants from 99.99% of germs to 99.99% of odors to 99.99% of allergens.

By ensuring that the root of bad air quality is cycled out SmartAir helps reclaim a good level of indoor air quality.

Keeping you and those around you healthy and breathing easy.

Everything you need and more.

Auto Mode

Adjust fan speeds in real time based on the sensor.

Digital Display

Read back air quality by sensing particulates in the air.

App Control

Control SmartAir from your phone using the App.

Touchpad Control

No clicks or buttons, just tap with your finger to control.

Silent Mode

Turn off the display and bring SmartAir to a whisper.

Timed Purification

Optional countdown timer to save on energy.


Light enough to move from room to room with ease.

SmartAir HEPA UV Air Purifier MS2 RNA Viral Removal Graph
SmartAir HEPA UV Air Purifier HEPA Test Graph
SmartAir HEPA UV Air Purifier HEPA Test Graph
SmartAir HEPA UV Air Purifier HEPA Test Graph
SmartAir HEPA UV Air Purifier HEPA Test Graph
SmartAir HEPA UV Air Purifier HEPA Test Graph
SmartAir HEPA UV Air Purifier HEPA Test Graph
SmartAir HEPA UV Air Purifier HEPA Test Graph

We're not just confident, we're "backed by the numbers"

Risk Free

30 Day Home Trail

SmartAir comes with a 30 day home trail. If you're not satisfied, return without hassle.

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