Smart UV Case Studies

Read about the projects that are being built out with Smart UV's sanitation units.

We're working with some of the best and brightest.

The Kahala

Located in Honolulu Hawaii, the Kahala developed a sanitation protocol called the “The Kahala Clean Promise” - based on The Apollo's UV-C eco-friendly disinfection capabilities. The safer environments benefit not just the guests, but the workers as well.

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The Concordia

The Concordia in Washington D.C. is committed to green principles in energy & environmental design. With Smart UV, the guests at The Concordia enjoy an environment curated to the highest degree of safety and come back to their rooms with confidence of cleanliness.

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Maui Westside Properties

Maui Westside Properties is a family-owned and run boutique luxury vacation rental and property management company specializing in Maui’s beautiful Westside.

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Phoenix Personal Training PPT

Ken's mobile gym is derived from his clients' need for an exclusive, isolated space that reduces the risk of pathogenic transmission found in traditional gyms, large public spaces, groups, and gatherings.

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Norristown Area PA School District

Working towards a back to school sanitation program, Norristown created a series of procedures and protocols using UV-C technology. This additional layer of protection provides assurance and safety to the students and staff, as everyone is going back to school.

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Tahoe Trunk Show

The Trunk Show is a local hub for local artists in Tahoe City. Creating beautiful hand-made art, jewelry, & stuff. In an effort to provide a safer environment to customers they use Apollo lamps to maintain a higher level of hygiene, putting the customers health first.

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St. Marks Episcopal School

St. Marks is an independent Episcopal School. In an effort to safeguard their facility St. Marks added the Smart UV disinfection lamps to their classrooms as an additional sanitation tool to protect their students, staff and teachers.

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RediscoveredU Med Spa

RediscoveredU is a premier Kitspa Med Spa, specializing in advanced skin revision and injectables which offers personalized and unique care plans focusing on individual needs, concerns and goals to achieve gorgeous, natural looking results.

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Zion School District 6

Zion Elementary School District 6 is one of the very few school districts in Illinois to be open these times. They knew from the start that this will be a challenge, unlike anything we’ve ever experienced before, and preparing our buildings to welcome back our students and staff was step one.

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