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Nice Piece of Equipment

"The lamp is very easy to use - portable, simple to operate, and safe when used as directed. And it doesn't take long to do the job - max timer is 60 minutes. In a home setting I think 30 minutes would probably be the longest most people would need to be out of the area (manual makes timing recommendations based on room size). Since the lamp works on line-of-sight (UV-C must shine on what it is intending to kill) you will probably need to move it around some; in some circumstances even elevate it. I was able to do 80% of my home without having to leave my work station; did the rest while I was at the store.

And when I contacted Smart UV during my shopping phase with a technical question, Ana responded quickly with a thorough, coherent explanation."

by David Dickson

I can't live without this.

"This lightweight UV-c tower was critical for me. As a Critical care physician I had moved out of the house to protect my family form a potential pathogen exposure. I segregated myself into a separate portion of the house and used the Smart UV tower to sanitize the room when I left each day. I used the Smart UV tower in my bathroom as well.

The button on the top of the tower got stuck after about 10 days, Smart UV sent out a new replacement tower with the remote that works great.

Great Service, Great product."

10/5 star

by Daniel Ikeda

Perfect for our airbnb vacation rental

"Lightweight, easy to move from room to room. We use between guests and also for the safety of our cleaners. Rooms feel really fresh after running even the 15 minute cycle. I did find I had to hold the on button til the green light came on - which is a little different than the instructions - which said to hold the start button for 3 seconds."

by Pat - NY

Professional Disinfecting

"Product looks professional, sturdy and well made. Appears to work effectively. Light is bright and the room smells like it has been sanitized effectively. I feel confident that I am providing a disinfected, as clean as possible, environment for my staff and clients."

by Gemma from Montrose

Trying to be more health conscious

"Originally I ordered this for travel, as I’m on the road 90-100 nights a year. But since "these new times", I’ve been using it the condo where I’m staying. So far it works great, which is as advertised. When I move into my new home (I have a whole house LED-C cleaner in the HVAC). I will use it as a backup, as well as periodically. Very surprised so many people do NOT know the benefits of this technology."

by Brendan Desmond

Life Saver

"The lamp arrived after a long wait but came a few days before we discovered black mold in our basement due to a leak. Once everything damaged was removed and cleaned we used the light for an hour in the area where the mold was. No need for expensive mold remediation because this thing KILLED all of it! It was dried out, easy to wipe away from the surface, and the scent was COMPLETELY gone. We treated again to make sure but feel confident that this solved what could have been a major issue. Great purchase. Every home owner should have one just in case!"

by Chelsea Ryan

SmartAir destroys: dust, pollen, viruses, germs, mold, pet odors, bad smells, VOCs, and more.

SmartAir uses three filters, UV-C light, and PCO to purify rooms. Pulling air through five stages of purification to not just filter, but destroy.

SmartAir destroys: dust, pollen, viruses, germs, mold, pet odors, bad smells, VOCs, and more.

Five stages of purification.

What are the benefits of Smart UV sanitation?

Save Time. Give Confidence. Better Disinfection. One Button.

Save Time. Give Confidence. Better Disinfection. One Button.

"There's really no magic about it," says a lead Smart UV engineer. It's merely patient effort to change sanitation into something done smart.

Smart UV sanitation means benefits such as these:

1. Smart UV lamps are good for 9,000 hours of use. They're tested thoroughly before leaving the production line to ensure a quality long lasting sanitation unit.

2. Smart UV products are engineered for effectiveness in USA labs, EPA and FDA certified with ISO 17025 standards. Each test is done in triplicate (three times) and the results are averaged. The effective ranges are those ranges that mean a 99.9% triplicate disinfection rate.

Read our latest scientific reports here:

Apollo Test Report
Smart UV Test Report

3. All Smart UV products are reliable for the long term, they all come with a 1-year warranty exchange for any defects in manufacturing. We're also so confident that every unit sold has a 30-day home trial, there's no need to even ask.

4. Smart UV products are designed for elegance to compliment the a home, business, or clinic. This makes it easy to show off high levels of hygiene, giving back confidence.

5. Smart UV lamps use germicidal light, a certain type of light that kills germs on a cellular level. The scientists here at Smart UV say it works through "Germ DNA Disruption".

6. Smart UV products work efficiently on allergens, viruses, bacteria, and mold. They're unable to build up any immunity to Smart UV's germicidal UV-C light as well, for easy run sanitation cycles again and again.

7. Germicidal UV-C light is chemical free, it's eco friendly and leaves no mess or residue. The sanitation cycles designed by Smart UV are so easy to run, using remote controls and delayed starts you can be up and running a disinfection cycle in a less than a minute.

8. The sanitation cycles are quick, ranging from 15-60 minutes. The time depends on the room. The bigger the room, the larger the time. The largest room that a single Apollo lamp can disinfect is 645 square feet large. That's about 36 feet in diameter, or 18 feet in 360 degrees around The Apollo lamp.

9. Smart UV designs with safety in mind, because it's not recommended to be the room when a UV-C unit is running. The Apollo has 5-meter automatic shut off sensors for unexpected visitors and pets. Both The Apollo and Portable Smart UV have delayed starts, automatic shuts off, and The Apollo has a remote. The Helios Wand has a child lock at the hilt.

10. Using Smart UV sanitation lamps to supplement or replace chemical cleaners saves an immeasurable amount of time. The cycles are so easy to use you  place the lamp in the area you're looking to disinfect, turn it on, leave the room, and then come back to a clean area. That's all there is to it.

11. Buy a Smart UV product once, use it for 9,000 hours over and over again. Once a day for an hour would mean 9,000 days of use. That's 24 years. You could start a family now and use a Smart UV product all the way through college graduation, worry free.

12. Smart UV products are the acme of confidence in the world of sanitation. There's no higher level you can get. Ensuring a room has proper sanitation using UV-C light and being able to show it off? This is sanitation made Smart, your friends, family, customers, clients, and employees are sure to notice.

13. Smart UV products have little to no maintain. It's recommended to store the units in safe dry areas, and wipe the dust off if there is a build up. Besides that there is not much needed to be done.

14. Smart UV lamps don't run hot - they run about as hot as fluorescent lamp.

14. There are options for battery powered UV-C lamps to use on the go, perhaps in a car or hotel. There are options for sturdier use cases for larger rooms, such as The Apollo with 60 Watts of power and a standard wall plugin.

15. All Smart UV products are lightweight and easy to carry. No product weighs even over 4 pounds. They're made out of ABS plastic and our signature quartz bulbs.

16. A variety of applications. There are Smart UV lamps for disinfecting small rooms. There are Smart UV lamps for disinfecting large rooms. And there are Smart UV wands for disinfecting high-touch areas.

If you'd like to the safeguarding power of a Smart UV sanitation unit, check out our options above.

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