Zion Elementary School District 6

  • by Kolade Oluwole

Zion Elementary School District 6

Zion Elementary School District 6 is located in Zion, Illinois, and has over 2,000 students from PreK-8th grade.

Tim Ryan, District 6’s Building & Grounds Supervisor examined all sorts of products and determined UV-C technology is one additional step we can take in eliminating allergens, viruses, and bacteria in our classrooms. Tim found, Smart UV and dispatched Apollo UV-C disinfection lamps across all District 6 buildings.

Through extensive research, parent and staff surveys, guidance from the CDC, and district nurses we we’re able to put together a plan that everyone can proudly stand behind. We are honored to say that we have over 1,200 staff and students safely back in our buildings.

“The framework for developing and implementing a successful reopening plan was built around transparency,” said, Tim Ryan the Building & Grounds Supervisor for District 6.


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