The Concordia - Case Study

The Concordia

The Concordia has a long history within Washington D.C.
First built in 1966 and then rebuilt in 2013. It is committed to the highest green principles in the nation - as per the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) certification. Being environmentally friendly is a core value.

The Concordia is a staple of the city, it has the highest standards, not only for service but also for cleanliness and sanitation.
The Concordia uses our UV-C technology as a chemical-free & eco-friendly solution to disinfection and sanitize to the highest degree for all their guests.

As an environmentally-minded hotel, UV-C was a great addition to their arsenal of cleanliness.

We’re highly appreciative of the opportunity to work together with The Concordia to provide their guests with not only the highest-quality sanitation but also an eco-friendly solution.