St. Marks - Case Study

St. Marks Episcopal School

“It is vital to the learning and growth of students to be on campus, interacting, and engaging. Our priority is the educational and social/emotional needs of our students, and we recognize that being on campus”

St.Marks is an independent Episcopal School residing in Broward County South Florida.

The COVID-19 pandemic had created extraordinary challenges and uncertainty for St.Mark to achieve this goal for the upcoming academic year.

Through open communication, transparency, and collaboration with their community and guidance from the CDC and medical professionals, St.Marks developed and implemented a successful COVID-19 reopening plan.

After much due diligence, they reached out to Smart UV to add the Apollo UV-C disinfection lamps to their classrooms as an additional disinfection tool to protect their students, staff and teachers against Coronavirus.

It was reported in a survey before the school year that an astounding 85% of families chose to have their students on campus to start the year at St.Marks.

These results demonstrate the commitment St.Marks has to education, its community, teachers staff and students, as well as its courage to navigate an unfamiliar landscape.