RediscoveredU Med Spa

Teri Scott is an advanced registered nurse practitioner, aesthetics & medicine expert and master level educator who runs and owns RediscoveredU located in Washington state's Kitsap county.

RediscoveredU is a premier Kitspa Med Spa, specializing in advanced skin revision and injectables which offers personalized and unique care plans focusing on individual needs, concerns and goals to achieve gorgeous, natural looking results. 

To help keep her clients safe and business running in the era of covid Teri implemented a myriad of changes to her practice to create a new sanitation protocol with her customers utmost safety in mind.

In addition to client temperature checks, virtual consultations, mandatory masking, plasma air purification system and cleaning with an EPA certified chemical disinfectant, RediscoveredU integrated SmartUVs Apollo full-room UVC disinfection lamp as the last step to inactivate and kill airborne and surface dwelling germs in her patient rooms.

“I have a SmartUV zapper that fills my room (when no one is around) with UV-C light that is proven to kill all sorts of virus, bacteria, and other dastardly bug species!

 I'm not paranoid, just smart--and willing to go the extra mile for each of you! I want to keep my doors open, and to protect my lovely guests. Sounds like social responsibility to me! I like you, want you to come out on the other side of the pandemic looking and feeling gorgeous!”