H.Y.P. Studio/Hot Yoga + Pilates

H.Y.P Studio is a premiere Hot Yoga and Pilates studio dedicated to functional wellness and health with two locations residing in the greater boston area.

After their initial Covid closure HYP Studio adapted their health and safety protocol to ensure the safety of their community and teachers before being given the phase 3 green light.

“Safety has historically been, & forever remains, H.Y.Ps true north.”

Centering their pledge HYP Studio launched a small group of indoor class series, in a yoga studio fully reconfigured for optimum safety, per Massachusetts’ Covid guidelines for fitness facilities.

 Of the many additions to HYP Studios sanitation regimen was SmartUVs UVC appliances at the end of the day to disinfect both small equipment, straps and ancillary equipment, in addition to the entire space, using portable Apollo germicidal UV-C sanitation lamps.

“Wellness and safety are not just a Covid-related response to us.

It's the way we choose to live and the purpose that has informed every well-scrubbed and sanitized square inch of HYP, since our inception, almost 15 years ago. 

 We do it right. Or we don't do it at all. 

Those are the rules of the road. No matter which way we are called to adapt, we always travel that path with utmost care.”

 Welcome back H.Y.P Studio!