This is SmartAir. The air purifier that stole the power of the sun.

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The Greeks believed Apollo, a Sun God, had the power of healing, medicine, and purification.

Today, the sun is still known for these same things.

Sure, some need plenty of sunscreen - we do spend a lot of our time inside.

Upwards of 90%, studies have shown.

But we can't deny the benefits of vitamin D.

Or fresh air clearing our head when we step outside after the house has been cooping us up all day with work, or a cold.

There is a type of light that's used as a powerful method to cleanse the air or water from germs too.

This light is UV-C light, or ultraviolet-C spectrum light.

It never reaches past the ozone layer. So, germs have no exposure to it.

Because they have no exposure, UV-C light passes right through them and hits the DNA or in the case of a virus - RNA.

This kills germs and inactivates viruses.

Trusted by hospitals, medical facilities, and HVAC companies that use it every day.

As a UV-C company, we built an air purifier that uses this same light - SmartAir.

SmartAir uses high efficiency particulate air filtration (HEPA). This targets pollen, pet dander, dust.

Then using the UV-C purifying light for the organic ones (germs and viruses).

UV-C light is effective and chemical-free. It's why hospitals, water purification, and HVAC use it.

Germs, viruses, and other unwanted pollutants have no protection from UV-C light.

So, we "stole" this purification power of UV-C from the sun and put it into SmartAir. Granted, it has been "stolen" for some time.

UV-C has been in use for over 100 years.

It's been in some news recently due to covid, but before that it was professional niche knowledge.

With the click of the button use the same technology hospitals use to purify allergens, viruses, bacteria, and mold from the air.

The benefits are more than "better air purification".

Regular air purifiers only capture. They build up germs in the filters and recycle them into the air. Or the germs pass right back into the room.

SmartAir filters and sanitizes to create crisp, clean air for your room sanctuary. So you can breathe easy.