The Use of UV Light in a Healthcare Setting

The Use of UV Light in a Healthcare Setting

Imagine yourself being admitted to a hospital to get treatment for one medical condition and returning home with another one. While it seems to be bizarre, know that it’s happening.

In a hospital ward, a sick person carries germs and disease-causing viruses. Some such organisms die by themselves when exposed to outer surroundings and cleaning methods, others cling to the environment for a longer duration. This leaves the next admitted patient in that hospital room exposed to those germs and increases the probability of them catching infections that are termed as HAIs or Healthcare-Associated Infections.

To deal with HAIs, hospitals are investing in automated disinfectant technologies. The most effective, widely adopted, and the popular disinfection system is based on  UV light-based UVC products.

What are UV-C products?

UV-C products emit a type of UV rays called UV-C rays. As you might know, these ultra-violet rays damage the ozone layer and are harmful to human life. Interestingly, UV-C rays, which by the way is most harmful and damaging for humans, works perfectly well to disinfect germs, viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Its exposure cleanses the space of the room where it’s placed.

Is UV Disinfection System Really Necessary in Healthcare Setting?

According to the data provided by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), HAIs or Healthcare-Associated Infections affect an estimate of 1.7 million people and give a figure of 99,000 deaths in a year.

You can imagine the urgency of the situation from the fact that the figures represent just America.

The study further states that almost 60% of patients require an intensive care unit in the hospital after HAI transmission.

Medical units take preventive measures on their own and clean the patient’s ward before admitting the next patient, but clearly, that’s not enough. So to draw out a conclusion, yes, UV disinfection systems are the need of the hour because a lot is at stake.

How is UV Disinfection System Used in Healthcare Setting?

While it looks like using UVC light as a medium to disinfect germs and viruses is a new concept, it’s really not.  The idea of using sunlight to minimize the effect of organisms has been there since the 18th century. Over time, constant research on the theory and experiments has paved our way to the glorious invention of UV disinfection systems.

Contributing to our convenience, there are a bunch of UVC products available today in the market. The varieties include products like compact room disinfector, LED UVC disinfection wand, and tri-card dosimeters. For a hospital room, though, the Apollo Entire Room Disinfectant will work most efficiently.

It’s a UV-C lamp that’s used to disinfect a large room in a quick manner. It harnesses power at 60 Watts and works up to the range of 1071 ft². It comes with a remote so that you can alter the settings and make it personalized according to your convenience. All you need to do is place the lamp in the room of your choice and set the timer on through the remote. The time limit ranges from 15 minutes to 60 minutes. When it reaches the time limit, it’ll set off by itself providing you a clean and disinfected room.

What are the Benefits of using the UV Disinfection System in a Healthcare Setting?

There are several benefits of using a disinfectant system based on UV light. Let us list them down -

  • Keeps Infections at Bay

There is nothing that works as fast as the UV disinfection system to kill viruses and germs. As soon as they come in contact with it, they stop functioning. They get inactivated, ineffective, and fail at reproducing.

  • An Extra Layer of Precautionary Measure

The hospitals take all the preventive measures to keep the room disinfected using the traditional way. While manual cleaning still remains a necessary step, a UV disinfectant works as a complimentary safety measure.  After all, taking complete precautions never hurt anybody.

  • Eliminates the Room for mistakes

With the involvement of humans, the probability of making mistakes increases. When cleaning manually, the staff might commit a mistake. There could be a part of the room that they forgot to clean or didn’t clean properly. If it were a general space, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. But at a medical premise, the stakes are much higher and it is essential to not leave any room for mistakes. A UV disinfectant would make sure of that.

  • Saves Resources

All you need to do while using a UV disinfectant is place it in the desired space, switch it on, set the timer, and leave the space empty for the time being. It doesn’t demand more than one person in its operation, which is extremely easy, or any of your time, energy, and efforts. It practically works by itself saving you your resources.

  • Disinfects the Entire Space at Once

The UV disinfectant doesn’t require to be taken to different sections of a room in order to clean it. You can place it in one position in a room and every wall, every corner, and every tiny little thing will meet you without pathogens on it after the cleaning session.

  • Earns You the Confidence of Visitors

A UV disinfection in healthcare space is a precautionary measure against HAIs. By setting it up on your premise, you are providing assurance to your patients and visitors that they are in a safe and healthy space.

Final Words

Healthcare settings such as hospitals and nursing stations are expected to provide a healthy atmosphere. With the faith and trust of so many individuals, the responsibility only increases. There is no way its cleaning could be compromised.

A disinfection system based on UV-C light is one of the best options the healthcare officials have today. Smart UV manufactures these systems in a unique and impactful way, highly emphasizing durability and portability. All of their products are tested through scientific methods and ensure effectiveness against viruses, molds, bacteria, and other microorganisms. Explore our range and find suitable UV-C disinfection lamps, wands, and accessories to create a clean home, office, or healthcare setting. Contact us today to know more.