SmartAir, Air Purification With the Power of the Sun

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The Greeks believed Apollo, a Sun God, had the power of healing, medicine, and purification. They were right.

SmartAir is a UV-C sanitizing air purifier. Using the "C" spectrum of UV light, a type of light that never makes it past the ozone layer.

The reason why hospitals, water purification, and other industries use UV-C light to sanitize is because it is incredibly effective, and chemical free.

Stopped at the ozone layer, UV-C light does not naturally touch anything living here on earth.

No exposure. Thus, germs, viruses, and other unwanted pollutants have no protection from UV-C light.

UV-C passes right through, cooking them (scrambling their DNA & RNA) from the inside out.

We took this power of UV-C and put it into SmartAir. Granted, it's been used for some time. Industrial uses for UV-C have been in purification applications for over 100 years.

SmartAir's UV-C purification eliminates allergens, viruses, bacteria, and mold from the air.

Combined with HEPA filtration, it also removes odors, general pollutants, and dust.

Standard air purifiers just capture. With SmartAir the air is filtered, sanitized, and immediately released back into your room sanctuary for fresh, crisp air so you can breathe easy.