Significant Benefits of Using UV Light for Disinfection

With the ability to kill a high percentage of germs, the UV light for disinfection is gradually becoming an essential hygiene practice for both domestic and commercial settings.

People are using UVC germicidal lamps to mitigate the risk of catching infections and create a safer living environment. Another product, UVC portable wand, is also getting a lot of recognition as a quick and non-toxic germ control solution.

For those who are new to the concept of UV light devices, let us explain. Ultraviolet light is a form of electronic radiation with shorter wavelengths than the visible regions. It is the safest part of the light spectrum and can be used to kill mold, bacteria, germs, dust mites, insect eggs with efficiency which is not matched by any other traditional ways. Several people have started using compact UV disinfection devices to kill microorganisms and improve indoor air quality.

Top Benefits of Using UV Light

As stated, UV light is an effective and powerful way of disinfection. This form of electromagnetic radiation falls between visible light and X-rays and can’t be seen by the naked eyes.

Medical science has proven the use of ultraviolet lights in reducing dust mite levels and other pathogen levels in both residential and commercial places. One can simply invest in an easy-to-use, battery-powered UVC germicidal lamp and create a safe living space for their loved ones.

Today, our team has listed the top benefits of using UV light. Take a good look at this long list and learn why people are in love with these new-gen disinfection solutions.

UV Light Disinfection is Versatile Solution

Our cooking surfaces & appliances, work equipment, and vehicles seats are a few examples of surfaces where harmful mold and viruses can be found.

UVC disinfection lamps offer versatility in performance and can be used to disinfect high-touch surfaces in any setting within seconds. These are used in several home and business settings, some of which are listed below -

UVC Lamps in Modern Homes- UVC lamps are becoming a smart integration in modern homes to eliminate any possible virus or contamination threats. These at-home disinfection products can be ideally installed in your living room, kids room, pets area, bathrooms, laundry room, kitchens, and wash spaces to curb the spread of infectious disease and improve the air quality.

UVC Lamps in Commercial Kitchens - Many customer-facing businesses embrace effective disinfection methods to ensure the health and well-being of their customers.

Food prep areas in large offices, commercial kitchen surfaces & sinks, and cooking appliances attract more germs and bacteria, and so, there is always a scope to use a reliant germ-control solution. Being a highly reliable way to eradicate microscopic contaminants, UV disinfection products are now frequently used in commercial kitchens to ensure public safety and adherence to the guidelines.

In addition to this, UV light also deodorizes as it kills the agents that cause the odor - a primary reason why several commercial kitchens are installing UV sanitation lamps.

UVC Lamps in Hotel Room Clean Up - Call it valuing customer satisfaction or a smart marketing strategy, many high-end hotels today are using UVC products to clean up rooms and lobby areas for their guests. UV light dramatically reduces bacterial activity and viral charge, thus offering a safe and inviting lodging experience.

UVC Disinfection Products in Hospitals - In large hospital settings, UV light air purifiers are installed to decontaminate surgical equipment/tools and reduce the transmission of superbugs. These are widely used in patient rooms and other operating areas for thorough disinfection without the use of any toxic compositions.

UV Light Disinfection is Non-Toxic

UV light disinfection is a chemical-free and environmental-free solution for dust, mite, viruses, bugs allergy, and infection control.

UV disinfection systems are meant to kill the viruses and plagues belonging to the short wavelengths called “Group UV-C.” UV disinfection is a non-toxic process that attacks the bacteria directly with a wavelength of 240-280 nanometres. The bacteria is then destroyed by the photochemical reaction that directly attacks the genetic information found in the bacteria’s DNA and RNA. This means, the bacteria loses the ability to reproduce and thus are destroyed. It targets them from the core, and you can enjoy living and breathing in a safe space.

UV Light Disinfection is Cost-effective

With the UV light disinfection, efficiency comes with affordability.

You will be surprised to know that UV products come with a small price tag and offer an affordable sanitization method and can save you both time and money for years.

Reliable Performance in Germ Control

If compared with the other disinfection systems, the use of  UV light sanitizing systems compare very well. In comparison to using the chemical agents, a UV light is particularly useful in the cases of chemical sensitivity, asthma, allergies, or any other respiratory conditions. It has an upper hand in delivering quick and reliable disinfection - all you need to do is to follow the safety protocols and you are good to go.

However, keep in mind that the percentage of the bacteria destroyed depends on the intensity of the UV light and the contact time. Also, you should know that the effectiveness of the process may decrease over time, as the intensity of the light also decreases after its long use. Thus, maintenance of the UV light disinfection devices is a must to ensure that the intensity is sufficient to deactivate microorganisms. You can invest in specially designed UVC accessories to keep your UVC products up and running.

Now, if you know the benefits of using UV light appliances, why not try it?

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