Keep Your Car Clean to Beat Germs and Viruses

Keep Your Car Clean to Beat Germs and Viruses

When it comes to living spaces, we prefer fresh, clean, and airy places.

The sunlight pouring in is an added advantage for us, as the UV rays naturally kill germs. However, an enclosed environment like that of a car presents a polar opposite need - we prefer tightly shut windows and cool air conditioners, which eventually become a breeding ground of germs and bacteria.

You will be surprised to know that the average steering wheel is 4 times filthier than a public toilet seat. Now, this makes it important for us to maintain complete hygiene. If you don’t eliminate all the bacteria and germs from your car, you may face serious health issues.

Now the question is, is the traditional method of cleaning any more effective in the present era of coronavirus pandemic? Just dusting the molds, replacing air filters, cleaning upholstery, and using sanitizing wipes is enough?

We don’t think so. Today you need the support of new technology in the war against viruses and germs. UV light for disinfection is the component of sunlight we are exposed to daily. These are also artificially produced and used to disinfect vehicles, foods, and several other surfaces.

Many companies have already launched their UV-C products; however, they couldn’t reach common people.

Smart UV is a new age company that took notice of UV-C technology that had been around for a long time. We create products with the best safety features. Catering to the needs of people at home and businesses, we are delivering our powerful and effective products in the hands of those who need them the most.

We are working on our motto of creating super clean, disinfected houses and businesses. We have delivered thousands of UV-C products like UV disinfection lamps and handheld UVC wand to all 50 States in the U.S. and the outlying islands and internationally.

So, considering the idea of blasting your car interiors with ultraviolet light, let’s learn about the UV disinfection to beat germs and viruses.

How UV disinfection can help you make your car virus-proof?

As you know, the sun is the primary source of UV light, these are further categorized into three types: UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C. UV-A and UV-B light are responsible for sunburns and premature skin aging. Constant exposure to both may even cause skin cancer. UV-C light is the most harmful, but it is absorbed in the atmosphere and doesn’t reach the skin surface.

However, the UV-C light is useful in eliminating bacteria and germs. This is the reason it is manually produced to disinfect high touch surfaces in the form of various products such as UV disinfection lamps, or sanitation wands.

These are of great help in the time of coronavirus as these are strong enough to destroy the genetic DNA and RNA of viruses and bacteria. According to the National Academy of Sciences, UV light can kill viruses and has been used to disinfect surfaces and water for a long time.

Well, if you think that exposing your car directly to sunlight will kill coronavirus, you need to rethink it! No, going outside won’t save you from catching coronavirus, but taking preventive measures and disinfecting your car with UV-C products will reduce the chances of you catching it.

Benefits of Using UV Light for Disinfection

Now, you are already acquainted with the ultraviolet technology and working of UV-C lights to kill all germs and bacteria. Though they are a little expensive, the benefits outweigh the cost. Here’s how this Ultraviolet Defense is beneficial for you:

  1. IT is non-toxic

One of the biggest pros of using UV light for disinfection is that it is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. UV light disinfection is not a chemical process; so, you don’t need to worry about adverse effects.

 It is also safe for use on food as well as food prep services. It is used on a large scale in varied industries in the restaurant, hospitality, and medical industries. Just ensure proper protection before indulging in the UV disinfection method, and you can create a safe and virus free environment.

  1. Effective procedure

UV light is believed to be the most effective method to disinfect as it kills many harmful bacteria and germs. Do you know that it even destroys molds and spores, which other methods may not do? Moreover, cleaning its traditional way may leave the space damp, which could be a breeding ground for fungi. But, using UV lights prevents the growth of fungi, germs, and bacteria as it is a dry method of disinfecting.

  1. It Kills pathogens with immunity

You may have heard about antibiotic-resistant bacteria, its development has been a significant problem in the medical community. Using antimicrobial agents, and disinfectants have some dire consequences. However, on the other hand, UV lights being a physical process of killing bacteria, doesn’t let pathogens build immunity to it.

  1. It is affordable

UV light sanitizing is an affordable sanitization method than other methods. We know that it may not be a digestible fact for you, but we will explain how?

The first thing to consider is, it is not a chemical process, and the operational cost is much less than any other method, as you don’t have the associated labor cost. It is a one-time investment that can save you a lot of time and money for years. However, a lifetime maintenance cost is expected, but you will enjoy autonomy when installed.

  1. Safer than other methods

People usually associate UV exposure with risks of skin issues such as sunburn, but it is wrong. It can be of great help when used properly with adequate protection. When used under proper protection with appropriate precautions, it is less likely to harm you anyways.

How UV light disinfection can help you?

Switching to UV light disinfection can save your time, money, and efforts in the fight against viruses and germs. It will protect you, and give additional value-proposition for your customers. So, why wait?

Try it yourself to experience the best results. Contact us here to buy UV-C germicidal lamps or to in case of any query!

 To learn more about how Smart UV can help you in disinfection, consider reading our frequently asked questions.