Introducing: The Apollo, Entire Room Disinfection

The New Apollo UV-C Lamp

Allow me to introduce to you our new UV-C Disinfection Lamp, The Apollo. Apollo is our new, bigger disinfection lamp. We have the original Smart UV which is a smaller portable UV-C lamp for target areas and compact rooms. The Apollo covers bigger areas, up to 645 ft2.


It's for entire rooms and with 4 adjustable timers, so you can cover smaller rooms as well. The timers are 15, 30, 45, and 60 minutes. 15 Minutes for bathrooms, 30 minutes for bedrooms, 45 minutes for living rooms, and 60 minutes for very large rooms. These timers allow for The Apollo to conform to your desired room with ease.

The Apollo uses UV-C and ozone to disinfect. The ozone disinfects those hard-to-reach areas and the UV-C light emits at the germicidal wavelength, 257.4nm. It is also equipped with an automatic shut off motion detection sensor. This helps protect pets and unexpected visitors.


[Note: Ozone has an odor and is not safe for humans or pets or animals and it is best to allow the rooms to air out for 45 minutes.]

What is UV-C or germicidal UV light? 

UV-C light was dubbed germicidal UV light for a good reason. It is hard to find it used anywhere other than for disinfection. UV-C light kills germs and that is its main use.


The science of germicidal UV light has been around for a long time. It was only recently adopted by the U.S. This happened after the CDC and FEMA started endorsing the technology for use in hospitals in the early 2000s. Use has increased ever since and it is becoming more common to see in new industries.

UV Wavelengths

UV light is one part of the spectrum light and can be broken down further into different categories. UV light isn't visible, but some products produce a blue glow in their lamps. The top of the spectrum of UV is blue and purple and many lamps have leakage of light in the visible range.

UV-C Light (germicidal UV light) falls between 200 and 280nm. The key wavelength for disinfection is 254.7nm.

How does UV-C light kill germs?

Germicidal UV lights disrupt the DNA and RNA of bacteria and germs and viruses. They've inactivated. UV-C light destroys their DNA and RNA and stops their ability to reproduce.


Bacteria and even mold can be resistant to chemical disinfection or antibiotics but cannot build up a resistance to UV-C light.

The UV-C light has to hit the target areas for disinfection. This is why we have the Apollo use UV-C light and ozone to make sure the room gets clean in areas where light has a hard time reaching.

Two-In-One Cleaning

UV disinfection inactivates viruses and purifies the air. This purification happens with the release of ozone from The Apollo. This UV-C light kills pathogens and the ozone breaks down odors for a Two-In-One Cleaning effect. 

Bacteria, germs, and viruses are inactivated because UV light disrupts their DNA. They lose vitality and function. The result is clean surfaces and fresh air. You'll want to leave the room after you turn on the Apollo.

[Note: The ozone produced from Smart UV contains odor and should be ventilated for 45 minutes after disinfection]

The Apollo is made with an automatic shut off 5-meter motion sensor for pets and unexpected visitors.

Strong Cleaning Entire Rooms and Large Spaces

The Apollo runs at 60 watts for powerful disinfection and is sized at just under 2 feet. The size of UV-C lamps is not where the power and range come from, but the wattage of the lamp. Covering up to 645 ft2 The Apollo is designed to clean Entire Rooms and Large Spaces.

You can disinfect bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, studios, offices, and other entire rooms to keep your spaces clean, disinfect, safe, and with crisp clean air. Just plug the Apollo in, pick your adjusted time frame, and come back after letting the room air out (45 minutes after The Apollo shuts off) - and you'll have peace of mind that your room is safe.

Designed With Safety In Mind

The Apollo UV-C Lamp is designed with safety in mind. It's easy to follow UV-C best practices with this Disinfection Lamp. Automatic shut off timers and 5-Meter automatic shut off motion detection allow for this.

Unexpected visitors coming too close to the power of UV-C light will turn The Apollo off instantly. Pets that accidentally slip into the room won't be exposed to the UV-C light either this way.

The ozone that The Apollo releases isn't safe until it airs out, and it is best to leave the room immediately if entered into, even after the Apollo shuts off. 45 Minutes for the ozone to dissipate back into oxygen is the recommended timeframe.

The Apollo Availability & Pricing

UV-C light with ozone can mitigate the risk from bacteria, viruses, allergens, and mold efficiently. It can purify the air and remove odors in 360° to help create a safer living environment. 

The Apollo UV-C Disinfection Lamp harness Germicidal UV-C light at 60 Watts to have an effective disinfection range of up to 645 ft².  This size is large enough to disinfect most rooms in a very quick and effective manner. It's Two-in-One Cleaning, with UV-C light and ozone to disinfect those hard to hit areas.



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