How to Use a UVC Germicidal Lamp Safely

How to Use a UVC Germicidal Lamp Safely

When it comes to creating and maintaining a hygienic environment, there is no better option than UVC germicidal lamps. It is one of the most effective ways to sanitize the environment and high-touch surfaces with ease. It is chemical-free, environment friendly, and it can disinfect your home, offices, and commercial setups with minimal efforts.

Looking at such wide-sweeping benefits and the ever-increasing demand for UVC light, its safety is also a concern. Although safe, the germicidal lamp is still to be used cautiously to reap maximum benefits.

It is crucial to protect yourself and your loved ones from misusing a UVC device. This article will guide you on how to use the ultraviolet lamps with all the necessary caution. But first, let's take a look at the risks associated with the careless use of these sanitizing devices.

Risks Involved with UVC Germicidal Lamp

The risks put up by UVC lamps are not instant. The effect of UV light is gradually accumulated with time. Thus, it will take some time before real symptoms to show up. Usually, the symptoms begin to show after 4 to 24 hours of exposure.

The effect of UVC radiation depends on individuals. Some people might get more affected than others. The effects observed fall into two categories- acute and chronic. The acute effect includes erythema, which is equivalent to sunburn. On the other hand, chronic effects include accelerated skin aging as well as cancer.

Furthermore, it can also harm the eyes. As mentioned, do not look at the UV bulb directly. Acute exposure can cause temporary inflammation known as photokeratitis. On the other hand, a long exposure can lead to cataracts.

How to Use UVC Germicidal Lamp Safely?

UVC germicidal lamp is a modern and safe means of sanitizing your surroundings - it eliminates viruses, bacteria, mold, and allergens with up to 99.99% efficacy. However, to use it to greater benefits, you also need to be aware of its proper usage.

Here are our tips that will help you to install and use an ultraviolet sanitizing lamp effectively.

Read User Manual Carefully

The first thing you should do before buying a UVC lamp is to read its user manual carefully.

Learn from the basics. How are you supposed to on the device? How can you switch it off? What are its features? How can you make adjustments? Can you change the wavelength? Is it good for your room size, and so on. Having proper knowledge of device usage will empower you to pick the right device for your living space.

Trial Run

The second step following the user manual is a demo.

Find a location in your room that can cover most of the area. Make sure that this location is away from your furniture, as these can block the way of light. Choosing a location is important as it will determine the disinfection capability of your device.

Take Note on Sanitization Time

A UVC germicidal lamp is effective because it not only sanitizes the surface, but it also sanitizes the air in your room. Hence, the time of sanitization is equally important. The process will be fast when space is simple and less-crowded. Further, a smaller crowd in the room will result in maximum effect.

If you are still not sure of "what and how much time," look for sanitizers with a built-in timer. This way, the device will adjust itself accordingly.

An important thing to keep in mind is that prolonged UV light exposure can lead to severe health conditions such as cancer. Although the UVC wavelength is comparatively safe, you cannot put yourself and your loved ones at risk. Make sure no one (including your pets) is in the room when UV light is switched on. Better, go for a device with automatic switch-off functionality. Alternatively, you can also choose UVC lamps with a built-in lead time that gives you a few minutes to vacate the room. Explore the best options and make an informed purchase.

Don't Look at The Bulb with Naked Eye

Yes! A new UVC germicidal lamp can be the topic of discussion or steal the limelight at your place. However, remember to talk about it without looking at it directly.

Looking at UV light directly with naked eyes is dangerous to health and can lead to several eye disorders, including cataract, pterygium, and pinguecula. To prevent such health hazards, you can look for sanitizers with a built-in feature to lower the chances of eye exposure.

How to Clean a Broken UVC Lamp?

If you find any part of your UVC disinfection lamp gets broken, follow these steps to clean it properly.

  • Wear protective clothing, gloves, face shield, or suitable eyewear.
  • If your UV lamp breaks accidentally, make sure to open doors and windows. The area should be ventilated immediately. Pay close attention to glass shards and clean them with proper care.
  • You can also use a mercury vacuum cleaner to avoid mercury vapors. Discard the collected materials, glass, and bulb in a closed bin to avoid pollution.

After cleaning, take off the protective clothing. Wash your hands thoroughly with a soap solution to ensure safety. 

If you experience any discomfort in the meantime, contact the manufacturer or supplier to seek suggestions. It is also advised to consult a doctor to prevent any health risks.


UVC germicidal lamps are safe, effective, and the easiest way to sanitize your surroundings. However, proper care and usage are crucial to avoid accidents and mishaps.

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