How This Portable Air Purification Device Is Helping Thousands with Airborne Dust, Particulates, and More

Did you know there’s a new ultra-compact device that uses microscopic particles and ultraviolet light to promote fresher air in your room?

The ancient greeks believed apollo, a Sun god, had the power of healing, medicine, and purification.

A genius startup realized the Greeks were right.

They figured out a way to use light to purify the air.

Called ultraviolet-C sanitizing light, or UV-C for short.

Stopped at the ozone layer surrounding the earth it doesn't naturally touch living things, preventing evolutionary resistance.


So effective, hospitals and commercial ventilation industries have been using it for the past 100 years.

Reserved only for them because the price points for effective UV-C light sanitizing is typically in the 5 figure area.

A company called Smart UV has created an innovative product that uses this same purification at a tiny fraction of the cost of typical $20,000+ medical device price tags.

With experts reporting higher germ and pollutant counts every year, the SmartAir Mini is quickly becoming the hottest device of 2022.

What Is It?

Meet the SmartAir Mini

The company behind SmartAir Mini worked with a group of experts in the Ultraviolet Purification and Ion-Tech industries to help design their a filter-free air purifier.

It's small, portable — and helps revitalize indoor air.

The goal was to make an effective and "use anywhere" fresh-air device that restores an environment to its healthy state.

And they succeeded.

SmartAir Mini stunned the whole industry with this innovative model.

So what can it actually do?

Almost everything any other air purifier can — promote fresher air in any room, help with germs, viruses, dust, smoke, and more…

But what makes SmartAir Mini special dual purification.

Using UV-C and negative-ion technology to make portable, filter-free air purification possible.

With no expensive filter replacements, no maintenance costs, and its incredible price point — it’s substantially LESS than leading air purifiers — you can easily refresh indoor air WITHOUT the outrageous price.

This is the future of indoor air devices.

How Does It Work?

To create filterless air purification SmartAir Mini uses the power of air ionization: a scientific process that helps to invigorate the air inside your room.

It’s incredibly easy to use. Press the on power button and make sure the display is on. That’s it!

Simply wave your hand over the Mini or press the power button again to adjust the power or turn it off.

(Good for keeping focus on the task at hand, such as driving.)


It’s 1/5th the size of a traditional air purifier, yet super effective.

Once SmartAir Mini is turned on, a small generator inside starts releasing negative ions.

They’re released with the “Coanda Effect” a phenomenon that gives the negative ions extra lift to spread into the room, and an indirect airflow at a 30° angle.

Flowing into the room, negative ions are magnetically attracted to other unwanted particles in the air.

Essentially, they attach to other floating particles until they may become too heavy to float…

Eventually falling out of the air and onto the floor.

This scientific process may help reduce the overall amount of dust, allergens, and other particles in the air.

Helping SmartAir Mini cover the space around you while being so small.

Internally, SmartAir Mini uses UV-C light to kill germs and viruses and mold.

The disinfecting light allows the Mini to attack the root cause of bad air in a room, preventing "filter buildup"— getting rid of the germs once and for all.

SmartAir Mini's UV-C light has been clinically proven to effectively kill and inactivate up to 99.99% of germs.

SmartAir Mini runs with a 280min battery life. Fast charge with USB-C. Plug into any outlet for continuous use. Fresh air, anywhere.

The car, the office desk, the bedroom… refreshing the air where you need it the most.

The Mini even comes with a “flex-base” car cupholder attachment, to prevent stuffy air on long drives.

And because it’s so affordable, most customers buy 1 SmartAir Mini for every room in their house.

That means you’ll easily be able to help revitalize the air throughout your entire home.

No need to worry about noise either. The Mini isn't quiet, it's silent.

What Exactly Can SmartAir Mini Do?

More than you think!

  • Plug and play - Just plug SmartAir Mini into any standard outlet. Once the blue light turns on, you’re good to go.
  • Ultraviolet-C Sanitizing - Uses high-powered dual germ and viruses killing lights.
  • Advanced Ion Technology - Releases negative ions to help address airborne dust, dander, pollen, and other allergens.
  • Fast and efficient - As soon as you plug it in, SmartAir Mini gets right to work for better indoor air.
  • Sleek design - Created with a rubber oil feel and a long battery life to slip into any part of the home with elegance.
  • Family & pet safe - Totally safe for you and your family when used as directed.
  • No filters needed - SmartAir Mini’s filterless design requires virtually zero upkeep or maintenance.
  • Compact & portable - It’s so small, it can fit in any pack pack and fit in any room your pocket. Take it anywhere for fresher air on-the-go!
  • Whisper-quiet - No loud, noisy fan to disrupt your concentration or sleep.


Dust and allergens are a problem everywhere indoors. So why promote fresher air in just one room? Most SmartAir Mini customers order multiple and plug at least one in each room.

Some Questions We’ve Had

Q: Does SmartAir Mini require any installation?
A: No, it starts working as soon as you turn it on. You’ll have it releasing negative ions in less than 60 seconds.

Q: Do I need to buy replacement filters?
A: No, SmartAir Mini uses UV-C and advanced negative ion technology, which is 100% filter-free.

Q: Is SmartAir Mini safe to use when sleeping?
A: Absolutely yes. SmartAir Mini is whisper-quiet as it goes, making it perfect to use 24/7.

How Can It Be So Affordable?

Big brands are filled with middlemen who take a percentage of each sale. By the time you buy the product, it’s so marked up that customers feel ripped off.

Smart UV, on the other hand, does their business online directly to the customers like you — which cuts out the need for these middlemen.

This allows them to run special online only promotions and pass the savings directly to you.

PLUS, they offer bulk discounts on Smart UV. The more devices you buy, the more you save.

Conclusion: Is It Worth It?

Yes, SmartAir Mini is an affordable and low maintenance way to promote fresher indoor air.

And the time to order SmartAir Mini is now — before they sell out again.

You’ll quickly see why thousands of customers have raved about SmartAir Mini!

The icing on the cake is the price. If it’s still in stock — definitely make sure you get one before they sell out.

How Do I Get SmartAir Mini

Get your Mini from our official website using the link below.

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SmartAir HEPA UV Air PurifierSmartAir HEPA UV Air Purifier

SmartAir Technology

Air purification with the same technology hospitals use*

*SmartAir's UV-C light is the same disinfecting light used by hospitals for sanitation.

Manufactured with EPA and FDA compliance and science backed results by independent labs.

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